Kerala Ayurveda Treatments

  • Abhyangam
  • Njavara Kizhi
  • Abhyangam with Pichu
  • Abhyangam with local Pizhichil
  • Abhyangam with Thalam
  • Abhyangam with Nasyam
  • Abhyangam with Njavarakizhi
  • Shiro Abhyangam
  • Netra Tarpanam
  • Mukha Lepam
  • Sirodhara
  • Udvarthanam
  • Kati Vasthi
  • Janu Vasth
  • Kaya Sekam
  • Ardanga Sekam
  • Ekanga Sekam
  • Swedam
  • Patrapotala Swedam (Elakizhi)
  • Ardanga Patrapotala Swedam
  • Ekanga Patrapotala Swedam
  • Shastika Pinda Swedam
  • Ardanga Shastika Pinda Swedam
  • Ekanga Shastika pinda Swedam
  • Dinacharya

Karmic Yoga

Daily sessions of asanas and pranayam with our experts to usher in health and harmony of mind and body

Rejuvenation Therapy Package

Works on both the physical and mental levels and assists all systems of the body to repair and renew them.

Stress Management Package

A 360 degree approach to de stressing with an Ayurvedic lifestyle

We recommend Consultation from our Naturopathic / Ayurvedic healing experts before selecting the massage to ensure you get the ideal therapy suited to your body type.